A Bit of Lab Comfort

Thanks to the generous Mr. Kukulcan, I’ve managed to bring a bit of comfort to the lab. His bookcases work well, and with the rug I brought back with me from my last voyage, they bring me to a place of comfortable memories and a sense of accomplished travels. Yet, there is much to learn and even more to be done! As it is quite cold in Caledon these days, being December with snow in the ground, I find myself needing to wear a heavy coat while working in the all-metal tower and lab.

A Medium of Comfort in the Lab

I sit for a moment and take stock of my plan to build the time-bender referenced in the tattered notes found in a trunk in South Carolina. These must be Tesla’s own notes, or those of a student or rival, for they use Tesla’s exact specifications for a three-stage Tesla transformer, creating literally millions of volts with a variable and controllable influx of amperage.

I can unravel how the device works from the notes: once the local area is saturated with both electrical charge at a specific frequency and a magnetic field, then increasing the amperage intensifies the magnetic field to the point of bending time and space around it. I’m not sure what the final effect will be, or even if the human body can withstand such a bend in the space-time fabric, but I know I will try. I will leave detailed notes, so that if I fail, at least the next researcher-explorer can know the configuration to avoid.

Now to build it.


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