About Kalisten

Kalisten VanDornan

Reporting to you from Caledon, in the year 1898 through a marvelous aether messaging device that the most notable Caledon technologists have managed to get working. I know the device is based on some little-known Tesla technology, but I have yet to discern the exact details. I am, after all, only an apprentice to the long-time accomplished men like Mr. JJ Drinkwater – a scholar and gentleman, and Mr. ambiant Kukulcan, who shines as one of Caledon’s leading Tesla-Steampunk scientists and builders. And the Professor… whom I’ve only met briefly. Perhaps one day I will be his pupil.

A bit of background for you: I’ve landed a life of wonder and delight in Caledon, a marvelous city in the world of Second Life, and only by the grace of God and Mr. Desmond Shang be it so. After twenty years of sailing merchant and steamer crews, my life at sea has aged me, to be sure. Yet, it has also brought me around the world to see not only five of the seven wonders of the world, but many other sights and experiences as well. And the people! Marvelous people, treacherous people, people of little consequence and people that have moved the world.

It is here in this magical logbook that I will record my adventures for posterity, for descendants, for Caledon historical records, and for anyone who might be interested. May they provide you with fireside and bedtime stories at least, and perchance some insight and wisdom – as a reward for those diligent enough to seek it.

I am Kalisten VanDornan, at your service.


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